Our Loans

What loan sizes can one access the first time?

Success offers loans from ZWL100 to ZWL 5,000 for personal loans, ZWL 200 to ZWL 5,000 for Micro Enterprises. For SMEs loans from ZWL 2,000 up to ZWL 50,000.

What is the turnaround time ?

Within 2 hours for Personal loans. For Micro business 3 days. For SME up to 5 days

Does Success give personal loans?

Yes, we give loans for School fees, Medical, Furniture, Funeral, Weddings, Holiday and more

What are the loan tenors or repayment periods?

Personal loans go up to 12 months; Micro business and SME  loans are from 3 months to 12 months. Capital & Investment finance up to 24 months.

What type of loans does SMB offer?

Currently we are offering salary based personal and Business loans.

Do you offer USD Loans?

No. But we offer loans based on the prevailing interbank rate.

Does Success give start up loans?

No. Success does not fund start ups.

Which type of clientele do you lend to?
  • Government pensioners
  • Civil servants including ZPC & ZRP except ZNA
  • Private company employees whose company has an agreement with us
How long does it take for the loan to be processed, approved and disbursed?

Within 24 hours to 48 hours

Where is the loan disbursed into?

Loan is disbursed into an applicant’s SMB Account.

What if l want to apply for a loan but unfortunately do not have the required card application fee?

SMB will deduct the fee from the loan amount you applied for but client will collect card only after the loan has been approved and deposited into their SMB account.

What is the interest rate per month?

25% reducing balance.

What is your tenure?

Maximum tenure is 6 months

What is the maximum one can apply for?

Maximum depends on your net salary. The figure which allows us to deduct max of 50% of client’s net salary.

What is the minimum one can apply?

ZWL $1,000

What exactly is my net salary?

Net amount after deducting COVID allowance.

What are the requirements for a Government pensioner?
  • Copy of ID
  • Proof of residence not more than 3 months’ old
  • Passport sized photo
  • Current pays lip
  • 3 months bank statement
What are the requirements for a civil servant?

The above 5 requirements plus

  • Confirmation of employment
What are the requirements for a private company employee?

The above 6 requirements plus

  • Valid MOU between SMB and the client’s employer
What do private companies do in order enter into an agreement with SMB?

Set up a meeting with SMB to discuss about the arrangement. Once consensus is reached, the MOU is signed between the two parties and the private company will be  added on the list and its employees will be advised of the agreement.

When can one do a top-up?

When the loan has been serviced for at least half its tenure, (e.g.6-month loan top-up after 3 months’ and 12-months loan top-up after 6 months). This is entirely on the client’s net salary.

How do you deduct the installments from one’s salary

Governments pensioners from government pension offices, Civil servants through SSB and private companies directly from the employer. No stop orders from the banks.

What other loan products does Success Offer?

Lease Finance, Micro Housing loans, Agribusiness Value chain financing.

How long does it take for the loan to be processed, approved and disbursed?

Within 24 hours to 48 hours

What do you mean privates companies you have an agreement with?

Those who signed a MOU with SMB to agree on certain repayment terms and conditions etc.


Our Bank

What is the maximum amount that one can swipe using a Success Debit Card per day?

It depends on the type of account that one holds. For a Success Lite account the limit is 50000ZWL per day and for Corporate Accounts and Flexi Savings Personal Accounts the limit per day is 500 000 ZWL.

What security does Success ask for?
  • Government pensioners
  • Civil servants including ZPC & ZRP except ZNA
  • Private company employees whose company has an agreement with us
Is Success Microfinance Bank a real bank?

Yes, we are, you can open a deposit account for yourself, your business or consortium with Success and start banking at your local branch or use your debit card for payments or cell phone to access the Mobile Banking Application or USSD option on *260# that doesn’t need data.

Do you offer Retail Banking Services?

Yes we do a range of savings deposit accounts for individuals, Business, Groups and investments accounts.

Does Success offer Nostro or FCA Accounts?

Currently our license does not permit us to have those types of accounts but it’s work in progress.

What is the limit for ZIPIT transactions per day?

The daily limit for ZIPIT transactions is 20,000 ZWL

What are the requirements for one to open a Flexi Savings Account?
  • Copy of ID
  • Passport Size photo
  • Proof of residence
  • Proof of income
How can one link one’s account with Ecocash or one Money ?

One has to have registered for mobile banking with an Econet line and use the mobile banking platform to transact or transfer into Ecocash or OneMoney wallet.

How much is needed to open the Success account?

We have three types of SMB Accounts:

  • Success Lite ZWL $550
  • Flex Savings Personal ZWL $750

SMB Business Account ZWL $3450

How long does it take to access the debit card?

It is instant as long as you have paid the required card application fee.