Treasury Products

Our treasury department strives to meet the institutional and individual investing customer investment and risk coverage needs by providing transaction, investment, risk assessment and advisory services to improve processing of cash flows, fund management and return on portfolio.

money market investments

Money Market Investments

Don’t let your excess funds be idle. Let us help you place your funds on the money market the Successful way. We accept wholesale funds deposited with the bank from institutional and individual investors. We offer excellent interest rates as per agreed investment tenors or pre-set date of maturity.

call accounts

Call Accounts

Set up your call account to receive the settlement of your funds on maturity. Our call accounts can also be used as transactional accounts and do not attract 2% transfer fees upon transfer of your funds to your other bank accounts. Receive interest on your call account credit balance.

bankers acceptance and invoice discounting

Banker’s Acceptance & Invoice Discounting

Enjoy the benefit of being able to finance your daily operations with future cash flows. Enquire from our treasury about our Bankers Acceptances, Invoice & Promissory note discounting products.

treasury bills

Treasury Bills

Invest in government Treasury Bills or simply offload your Treasury Bills at optimal discount rates quickly and easily with assistance from our treasury department.

government and municipal bonds

Government and Municipal Bonds

Let our team structure and or trade on your behalf, to access bonds from government or municipal authorities.

structured finance

Structured Finance

Access structured trade financial instruments customized especially for you. Call our advisory services department and they will show you how.

investment advisory services

Investment Advisory Services

We are concerned with how you invest, benefit from our investment advisory services as we seek to provide you with the best advisory services through our constant engagement with the market, enabling you to trade on accurate information at all times. We assist you to invest your funds in assets that yield high returns and minimise risks, as our advice and research is based on market fundamentals and is tailored to suit your cash flow needs.

Contact our treasury department for more information on 0242 753 541 or send an email to treasury@successmicrobank.co.zw