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Treasury Division

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Fixed Term Deposits

We offer competitive yields and guaranteed returns from as little as $1,000.00. The investment tenors available are between 7 days and 365 days.

Treasury Bills (TBs)

TB’s are financial securities that are issued and guaranteed by a sovereign state. These have different maturities, coupons and are normally discounted on the Face Value. Our Treasury division facilitates secondary trade in TBs.

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Banker’s Acceptances (BAs)

A Bankers Acceptance is a short-term debt instrument drawn by a borrowing corporate and accepted by a banking institution with a fixed interest rate. They are highly liquid as they can easily be discounted in the market. Our Treasury division facilitates secondary trade in BAs.

Investment Advisory Services

Treasury provides certain investment advisory services to our clients. Our advice and research is based on market fundamentals and tailored to suit particular needs of an individual client.

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